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5 Common Airstream Problems Every Owner Must Know

LAMADERA, NEW MEXICO - OCTOBER 18, 2018: An Airstream travel trailer with a solar panel kit parked in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Every camper is always looking for the next best thing in outdoor fun, which usually leads them to airstreams. They are easy on the eyes, extremely comfortable, and provide a unique way to camp in comfort while still keeping that outdoorsy feel. 

However, not many people see what it takes to own one or even what can go wrong while owning one. It is important to know the ins and outs, the problems most commonly found with airstreams, and what you need to do before purchasing one. 

Take a look at five of the most common problems here.

1. Aging Airstreams

The problem most people will run into with an airstream is that they are fragile, especially if not properly maintained. 

Airstreams are made mostly of aluminum, and while this makes them extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver, it also means that they will start to corrode the more you use them. This is especially true if you live in a warmer climate or one where there is salt in the air.

Corrosion can happen anywhere on the airstream, but it is most easily found when you open the door because the airtight seal keeps moisture inside to cause rust. It takes one hole in the airstream’s metal exterior for it to start corroding. 

If you see any bubbles or damp spots, chances are corrosion has already begun, and you need to take steps before buying an airstream.

2. They Don’t Have Enough Storage or Sleeping Space

Airstream is not so big that you can have two bathrooms inside the trailer. While the airstream is not one-room camping, there are other things to consider when owning one. 

There are areas in your airstream where you can put tables, chairs, storage bins for clothing and appliances, or any other items if they fit through the door. 

You have to carefully plan out your storage spaces to have enough room for a sleeping area. Some airstream renovation ideas can help you create more storage space or sleeping areas.

3. Replacement Parts are not Easy to Come by

Another great problem with airstreams is finding parts for them. If you are trying to replace the roof, it is almost impossible to find just the right one that would fit. 

If the luxurious interior parts of your airstream break, you may find it really hard to carry out airstream renovations. You’ll have to pay a lot of money or deal with an airstream that leaks or, worse yet, will blow away if the wind picks up.

4. They Perform Poorly Off-Road

While most campers are used to driving on beaten roads, you won’t have this luxury with most airstreams. They will perform poorly on off roads and leave you exhausted. If you don’t want to deal with the exhaustion of having an airstream, it’s best not to go camping in one.

But if you must go with one, consider getting the Base Camp model, which comes with off-road capabilities. But you must also part ways with a lot of money for this.

5. You May Not Fit At All

Lastly, some campers complain that they actually cannot fit their airstreams into a normal parking lot. They spend a lot of money on a camper that they cannot even use. While this too varies depending on their model, it’s best to inquire about this before going out and buying one.

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