July 18, 2024

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Is Filing A Workplace Injury Attorney A Wise Idea?

An employee who suffered a work-related injury or illness is entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. Unluckily, employers or insurance companies routinely deny workers’ compensation claims even when they are legitimate, which leaves injured employees facing a complex system of appeals. During that point, the applicants give up while the others try their best to navigate the system. Hire the dedicated seattle wa workplace injury attorney that gives you a much better chance to obtain the benefits you deserve.

How does a workplace injury attorney work?

An attorney will communicate with the worker’s compensation insurer on your behalf, gather medical evidence supporting the claim, try to negotiate a good settlement and represent you at the workers’ compensation hearing. The attorneys and claims adjuster working for the insurance company are not looking out for you. They would not hesitate to reject a bonafide claim for dubious reasons.

Luckily, there are various things a workers’ comp attorney can do to lean the scales in your favor.

Prepare medical evidence

Inadequate medical evidence is likely the most familiar reason the workers’ compensation claims will be denied. Even if the claim is approved, you are more likely to receive all the medical treatment needed. All of the other benefits are deserved if you have strong medical evidence supporting the case. An attorney helps develop the medical evidence by the following:

Collecting medical records

  1. Recommending or arranging treatment with specific physicians
  2. Obtaining medical opinions from treating physicians and through an independent medical exam
  3. Represents you when you have been requested to appear and answer at the deposition
  4. Conducts depositions of the medical experts
  5. Various types of evidence strengthen the case, including:
    1. Testimony from the vocational expert about the job’s physical requirements
    2. Statements from family and friends about daily activities
    3. Evidence shows the employer’s history of lack of training or poor workplace safety
    4. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney understands, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, what evidence is required to maximize the probability of a good result

Lawyers will understand the negotiating tactics and tricks used by insurance companies, from low-ball offers to bogus final offers that are not. With a few expectations, workers’ compensation attorneys are probably to engage in productive negotiations with the insurers that applicants will act alone.

You can talk to or ask a certified workers’ injury lawyer for advice or let it stand you as a legal representative in court hearings.

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