July 17, 2024

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Reasons why to see a general dentist in Pekin urgently

With numerous dental practices in Pekin, finding the right one doesn’t have to be challenging. Ideally, you should be seeing your dentist for regular oral exams and cleanings at least twice every year. Coupled with regular brushing and flossing, this should help you counter common dental concerns. However, there are also situations when you cannot afford to wait. In this post, we are discussing when to contact and schedule an appointment with Pekin general dentistry clinics.

  1. You have a severe toothache: Pain in one or more of your teeth could be a sign of decay or gum disease. In many cases, injuries and impact to the mouth can trigger toothaches. Regardless of the underlying reason, see your dentist to get treatment. If a tooth is infected, they may recommend root canal therapy.
  2. Your gums are bleeding and inflamed: Bleeding gums are often an indicator of early signs of gum disease. Gingivitis is common and can be treated. At times, bad breath could be a result of gum disease. If you ignore the early signs, gingivitis can eventually lead to advanced periodontal disease, leading to tooth loss.
  3. You are experiencing trouble chewing: Any issues with enjoying your food could be related to sensitivity or even orthodontic concerns. Your dentist may do a few tests and take X-rays to determine the underlying causes. Sensitivity can be treated with special toothpaste, while fillings may be necessary if there is damage to the dentin.
  4. You have a broken crown: Crowns work like caps for encasing teeth and restoring shape and function. Like most restorative appliances, crowns can break under pressure, especially while chewing. If that happens, check with a dentist, who may place a temporary crown and order a new one from the lab. This could take at least two appointments.
  5. You suffered a mouth injury: Any impact on the teeth and gums can have severe consequences. If you suffered a blow and feel that your teeth and gums are affected, meet a dentist sooner than later. They may need to take additional steps to avoid further complications.

Not all dental clinics in Pekin offer services on demand, and it is wise to find one that has all the facilities and services under one roof. Also, you should feel comfortable around your dentist, as this is likely to be the start of a long-term doctor-patient relationship. You can search Google to make your list of clinics with positive reviews.

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