July 18, 2024

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What It Takes to Have a Successful Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have sustained an injury in a workplace accident, getting the workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to can be challenging. Your employer may deny you benefits, leaving you struggling to recover your losses after the work accident. Thankfully, an Arlington workers’ compensation lawyer can help you pursue these benefits whether by filing a claim or appealing a claim denial. They know what it takes to pursue a successful workers’ compensation claim. If you are unsure about how to get started, ensure you have the following evidence:

Evidence of Your Injury

Usually, employers and insurers will challenge the validity of any claimant’s injuries. They may claim that your injury wasn’t severe enough to warrant workers’ comp benefits or argue about the existence of the accident. Because of this, you must be able to present that you truly suffered from an injury in a workplace accident. Medical records can help prove this. But you also have to show that the injury was connected to the accident itself. This is where you may need testimony from experts. 

Expert Testimony

In some instances, expert witnesses can help prove that you sustained an on-the-job injury and that you are entitled to compensation. Let us say you sustained a spinal cord injury in a workplace accident. The insurer may question the severity of your injury, particularly if they see you more physically active than they thought you must be. In this case, your doctor can discuss your injury evidence and prove that you cannot work. Their testimony may be an important part of the formal hearing through which you can get the benefits you need. 

A Strong Defense

Workers’ comp claim defenses are not easily available. They usually come from carrying out thorough and efficient investigations. An experienced lawyer has developed best practices to investigate claims, allowing for proper case analysis and effective defenses. To come up with winning defenses, you must work with a lawyer who understands the nuances of contemporary medicine. Without this understanding, major evidence will be missed. Whether it is medical evidence that shows you can do more than you claim, your attorney can wade through medical records to look for favorable medical evidence. 

Defending your claim can be hard and stressful. You can avoid costly delays by retaining an attorney who can help you document your defenses properly. Whether you have filed a claim against your employer or their insurance provider, you need to contact an attorney to schedule a consultation. 

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