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Greatest Mandalika Dishes for Your Culinary Adventures

Beside pristine beaches and mesmerizing all-natural beauties, Mandalika can also be a location that provides many dishes with memorable tastes, which will make your amazing trip even better.

What you will see in Mandalika ranges broadly concerning flavour and substance.  On the lookout for something sweet, sour, salty, sour, or hot?  Mandalika can provide you with all of these.  Locate the inspiration of meals to munch while enjoying the beautiful beauty in and about Mandalika!

1.   Bulayak Satay

Satay is an iconic Indonesian food which can be found in several areas of the country.  Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara is among the ones that have several kinds of satay.   Your options for the satay are chicken, steak, or poultry innards. You might believe this is not any different from regular satays.  But you are wrong. The gentle savory taste is unquestionably a fantastic guest to your palate! To make it even more amazing, dip your bulayak in its hot peanut sauce!

2.   Rembiga Satay

 The fundamental substance of the mouthwatering satay is spices and meat.  Unlike many satay, rembiga satay doesn’t come with peanut sauce. The flavour of the satay comes in the spices spread throughout the diced meat. The process of making the satay includes 3 hours marinating the meat with the spices.

3.   Tanjung Satay

We’ve observed poultry and beef satay. Today it is time to try out fish satay!  Much like rembiga, tanjung satay isn’t served with a free peanut sauce. The very best tanjung satays are made from fresh fish. When the fish completely sink in the spices, more spices have been dispersed, and the fish improves its taste. 

The fish will then be prepared to grill only for a brief period since the fish are incredibly soft. In the first bite of grilled satay, you’ll be welcomed with a hot feeling that is strong enough to shock you.  But somehow you won’t quit eating.

4.   Pusut Satay

If most satays include diced meat, then this one has to be fresh to you.  Rather than skewering meat to the rod, pusut satay was made by twisting the beef.  Ahead of the winding procedure, the beef is mashed and blended with grated coconut and spice. In this manner, the spices aren’t just in addition to the beef, and you can certainly taste the deliciousness all about it. I was wondering where to have pusut satay?  Easily pay a visit to the local marketplace to find one of them!

5.   Taliwang Chicken

You might have noticed this dish in many areas but Mandalika, the first house of taliwang chicken, is certainly the perfect place to consume it. For people who’ve tried taliwang chicken, you might wonder how the small sweetness from the poultry comes from. Only fresh kampong chickens are used to make this dish. So, all of the sweetness comes from the chicken.

If you pick the roasted one, make sure that it’s roasted on jackfruit or java wood since it provides a distinctive smell which makes your own taliwang experience much better!  Do not forget to include Mandalika’s famous plencing kangkung as the side dish.

6.   Rarang Chicken

From what it looks like, you might think that rarang chicken is extremely hot.  On the other hand, aside from the spicy taste, rarang chicken is quite favourable. Do not allow the look to dissuade you!

The spice that is specially used for rarang chicken is sabiye giro.  Sabiye giro is exactly what the folks of Mandalika call chilies which are dried under sunlight for days.  Eating rarang chicken could be challenging but really, you might end up refusing to stop munching them!

7.   Poteng Jaje Tujak

We’ve talked about several main dishes, so it feels incomplete not to speak about the bite after your primary. The process of making poteng is very long because it needs to be fermented. In addition to this, making jaje tujak is likewise not a bit of cake.  The rice has to be boiled before finally complemented by the coconut.

8.   Cerorot

One further from the candies for our sweet lovers people! With a mix of rice flour and brown sugar, the flavour is simple but addictive. Don’t worry if you can’t get enough of it, you can find cerorot in most of the traditional markets in Mandalika. The unique shape of the snack raises a debate about the best way to consume this.  What do you think? Should we eat it from the wider part or from the smaller tip?

Vacation is more than just the food, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Mandalika by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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