July 18, 2024

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Want to avoid paying for flight seats? Follow these advices below

Flights have become an indispensable part of our lives. The reason for this is that they help people to commute long distances within very short time durations. However, we do not see people from all spheres of living to avail flights and a major reason for this is the cost involved. While we do have low-cost airlines claiming ‘cheapest’ fares for booking, the final bill to be paid might make eyebrows go up a notch on your forehead. Making a flight booking thus involves a lot of precision to avoid the extra charges and pay only what is required. 

So, how do we do this? Passengers can never be exempted from paying a good fare for availing the airways except in extraordinary circumstances. This is because airline companies are, after all, business organisations focused on making enough profit to survive their league. But there are some careful techniques to help passengers avoid the additional costs and fly economically. These techniques or tricks have been discussed below in detail:

Consider Booking tickets at the Airport Booking Counter

The Internet has made it convenient to book services, movie tickets, railway reservations and even flight tickets within minutes. However, this huge plus side of the Internet has masked the extra charges under the name of the convenience fee. Passengers are often prompted to pay an amount in addition to the original seat fare. The Internet Convenience and Payment Gateway charges make the total payable a significant amount enough to often burn a hole in pockets.

Hence, to avoid this, the traditional method of booking air tickets offline is a viable option. As it is, passengers will be exempted from the extra charges. Please note that offline booking may also exempt you from the charge required to pay for changing seats according to your wishes. However, this service is extended only by a few airlines to date. 

Book seats together

If you are travelling with your friends and family, chances are that you will be inclined towards sitting with them on the flight. Offline reservations made at the airports have reportedly been convenient enough to assign seats together to families and groups. It seldom happens and is dependent on availability that seats for such bookings are scattered throughout the aircraft.

Minors, if found fit to fly are essentially assigned seats along with the parents. This does not call for any additional charges and thus, passengers are expected to pay just the cost of their seats. Early check-in is a good option to avoid missing out on potential seating options on the aircraft. Please remember that the assigned free or saver seats allotted by the airline randomly are liable to be modified or cancelled depending on the passenger’s wish. 

Keep an eye out for pop-ups and add-ons

Online booking of a flight ticket often incurs additional charges due to add-on services which are often unsolicited. These might appear tempting as soon as you go on with its details but it is recommended to know what is exactly expected from a flight journey. You will certainly not require most of these services during a flight and thus, make sure you recheck the entire bill before heading for the payment. Remove checks from services you do not wish to avail and this is going to cut down the payable amount by ounces. Remember that whatever you are purchasing, be it a water bottle or a lounge service at the airport, you will be charged an amount that comprises both the original fare and the taxes. Thus, it is quite evident that you will be required to pay more than the real prices. If you can cut down some costs by cancelling what you do not need, that is only going to suffice for financial savings even after booking a flight ticket.

Allocation of Free Seats to Special Passengers

Specially-abled passengers availing flights have to undergo medical screening before being allowed on board. These passengers and their attendants have the right to ask for a free seat selection to get a seat that suits them best. This selection for differently-abled passengers is a free scheme and is a part of the airline’s special assistance that is meant for these people. 

Skip seat selection

Web check-ins for different international and domestic flights allow the facility for the passengers to select their seats. Upon successful confirmation of details, a layout of the aircraft appears with booked seats being highlighted with a shade darker than the one used to denote the available ones. Please note that seats are auto-assigned by the airline before check-in. Thus, this page allows you to modify that assignment.

However, if you decide to change your allotted seat to one that suits your preference, you will be charged a fee for the same. To relieve yourself from paying this amount, skip the selection panel. 

Thus, this is all you need to know about exempting yourself from paying extra charges on airfares. So, without delaying much, consider these when you make your next flight seat booking and save on your expenses. 

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