July 17, 2024

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Try These Roleplaying Scenarios With Madrid Travestis

When I hire Madrid Travestis, one of my favorite things to do is roleplay. The fact that these ladies have the best of both worlds, with a lovely feminine physique and a raging pecker between their thighs, gives up a plethora of possibilities. I’ve tried out a number of different scenarios, and while none of them have failed me, I do have a few favorites that I recommend you try out with Madrid Travestis as well.

The Innocent Student & Naughty Teacher

The one in which one person plays the role of a teacher and the other person plays the role of a student who will do anything to earn a better grade on the test or to pass the class without exerting too much effort is a classic that many people have undoubtedly already tried. This situation can be played out in a variety of ways when you hire Madrid Travestis. To begin, you can either be the teacher who simply whips out their cock and lets the student work their way to a grade, or you can be the student who offers the instructor some dick in exchange for a higher grade.

There is also a third alternative with Madrid Travestis, where the escort can play the instructor in charge, and you must suck off their cock and be fucked, which is ideal for individuals who are like that, or who simply want to be controlled and humiliated in a role-playing manner.

The Prisoner & The Guard

This scenario isn’t that common, but if you chance to have a set of handcuffs, you should definitely try it out. Begin by tying one of the actors representing the prisoner to the bed and the other actor playing a guard or cop. From there, you may do pretty much anything. You can go for the more raunchy path, where the guard simply fucks the chained criminal, or you can release them free to give them some pleasure. The key to this one is improvisation, and there are a handful of different ways to play it out.

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